Joining the Club

Club Monthly Costs
$130/mo Club Dues
$70 pre-pay toward flight time
$200/mo total

Membership Option #1 - Basic Member
$500 buy-in
$60/hr Archer, $80/hr Arrow
*Lower buy-in, but higher hourly rates on aircraft, limited club rights (e.g. no voting)

Membership Option #2 - Full Member
$1500 buy-in
$40/hr Archer, $50/hr Arrow
*Higher buy-in, lower hourly rates, full voting/club rights

Members must pay for fuel used.
Insurance and all maintenance included in club dues.

Membership Process
Typically, an applicant is recommended by a standing member of the club.  This simply means that the club would prefer anyone interested to contact a club member to learn about the club and schedule an introduction at one of our monthly club meetings.

After a potential member makes contact and learns the basics about the club, they are invited to a club meeting to introduce themselves, learn about our club, and ask any questions.
If the applicant wishes to pursue membership, they complete an application detailing their contact information and flight experience and submit it to the club.

After a club review, the application is voted on.  If all members agree, the applicant is accepted, pending club buy-in, first month dues, and some basic insurance/credit checks.

After that, it's off to flying!  The new member needs to schedule a check-out ride with a flight instructor and may need to also build the required complex time needed to fly the Arrow.

So, contact a member, send us an email, and learn how to join us!